Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos is THE book for people wanting to make money doing what they love.

Shoot To Sell For Financial FreedomThis site will help you get the most from the book, “Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos.” Because technology changes so rapidly, this is the only way we can keep you updated on the latest equipment, software, marketing techniques, social media and other topics that are important for you to know about when working in the video and information product publishing field.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced professional, if you want to get into the video publishing business you need to read Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos.

If you already have the book you’ll find the chapter resources a valuable “go to” place for current information, product reviews and recommendations, new ideas and lots of free templates. See a full list of topics covered here.

 You’ll learn how to:

    • Find topics that have a high chance of success
    • Conduct your research
    • Define your ideal customer
    • Identify your target market
    • Forecast your breakeven point
    • Choose and contract with partners
    • Write a script (if needed)
    • then we take you through the process of producing your video.

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    Although Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos isn’t specifically about video production, you’ll learn the important basics including topics like these:

      • Budgeting
      • Pre-production planning
      • Script, shotlist and storyboard development
      • Equipment needs
      • Location scouting
      • Lighting and audio
      • Shooting interviews
      • Your role as the director
      • Editing software
      • Distribution options
      • Permits and releases
      • Copyright considerations
      • And much more.
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      What is the one thing that stops most people from getting started?

      Marketing! – Fear of it, lack of experience or lack of confidence that they can really do this is the main barrier I see all the time. To most people marketing is a mysterious subject. That’s why we spend so much time in the book telling you how to research both your topic and your market before you invest the time and money to produce a video. In fact, you can use the information in Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos to market many different types of things besides video, such as book, crafts, etc.

      You’ll get a thorough “mini-course” in all aspects of marketing, including:

        • Choosing a domain name (and your video’s title)
        • Finding a web host
        • Building your own website
        • Pricing your video
        • Finding distributors
        • Building a sales funnel
        • Getting web traffic
        • Using social media
        • Email marketing
        • Search engine optimization (SEO)
        • Search engine marketing (SEM)
        • Copywriting
        • Direct marketing
        • Video marketing
        • Autoresponders
        • Article marketing
        • Trade shows
        • Writing a press release
        • Deciding on product fulfillment
        • And more.

      See a full listing of topics covered in Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos here. 

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      TIP – we cover the foundational concepts of marketing so thoroughly that you could use this information to market any type of product or service, both online and offline, physical or digital. We sell a lot of diverse items in addition to videos such as books, Kindle and Nook ebooks, greeting cards, artwork and music CDs. The concepts of marketing are exactly the same as we explain for videos. In fact, in the book you will learn about expanding your product line quickly by adding profitable related products from other sources, and we tell you how to find them. You could buy Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos just to learn about marketing!


      Our Motto Is “Shoot It Once, Sell It For Years” 

      Those six words summarize one of the greatest benefits of this business: you can produce a video that will sell for many years, even decades. Some videos styles may only take you a day or two to produce, others can take months (we cover them all in the book). The thing is, once you’ve produced it you may sell hundreds, thousands or more over the life of the product. For example:

      [quote type=”medium” align=”left”] I produced a video in 1981 that is still selling today, over 30 years later; I can’t imagine how many thousands of copies it has sold at an average price of $100 each. Produce a handful of this kind of video and you’ve build a nice stream of passive income. What I love about this business is that you don’t need to be burdened with employees, inventory and overhead. Weoperate out of our home and have practically no overhead at all. We wouldn’t have it any other way.  ~Rick Smith[/quote]

      Exclusive Bonus

      The great thing is that you can start out at your own pace and with little investment in equipment. In Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos will show you how to produce salable videos without using a camera at all. A very modest investment is all you need to have a completely satisfactory camera, lights, microphone and studio backdrop. One of our friends runs a successful guitar tutorial video business working out of a studio that he invested only $200 in – and it looks fantastic! In fact, you may already have the basic equipment and just need our guidance to get started. What it is going to come down to isn’t fancy equipment, it’s the knowledge and skills to choose your topics and market your videos, and we devote many chapters to those critical subjects.

      Whether you want to make this your career or simply use it as a way to indulge your interests and supplement your income, Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos is the best thing available for helping you get a great start in an exciting industry.


      To Your Success,

      Rick Smith & Kim Miller


      324 Pages of useful, practical information. 

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