About Us

“Rick & Kim’s Special Interest Video DVD was one of the first sources I turned to when I started making special interest documentaries. If you do video you can learn a lot from these guys! ~Jay Michael, JMLMultimedia.com”

Rick Smith

Hi, I’m Rick Smith, co-author of Shoot To Sell with my wife and partner, Kim Miller. I’ve worked in the business of producing and selling videos, books and other media for over 30 years. We call it producing Special Interest Videos, or video publishing, and it’s a a very rewarding lifestyle. We’re always busy in our video production and marketing business but we’ve learned that we equally love teaching others how they can get into the video publishing business, and I’ve helped many of them do it. This site is here to help you!

Kim Miller

Kim Miller has been in this business with me for over 12 years, is an experienced video producer, script writer, editor and DVD author and is a gifted online marketing expert. You’ll benefit from her tips and insights on video production and everything from email marketing to social media marketing.

Kim  and I distilled our 40+ years of combined experience in the special interest video business into Shoot To Sell, Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos.

We are passionate about our involvement in video and information product publishing and love teaching others how they can get join us in this exciting industry.

We operate a number of websites related to this topic to help people succeed in this business, including:


The Special Interest Video Academy

Special Interest Video Organization

Video Marketing Resource Center

The Special Interest Video Academy is a place where you can take a 16 week online course that starts by assuming you know nothing about special interest videos and takes you through all the steps necessary to start your own business, including:

  • What Video Publishing Is, Who’s Doing It and Who’s Buying It
  • Special Interest Video Formats and Producing Successful Topics
  • Researching Topics
  • Shooting a Stage Presentation
  • Making a Screen Capture Video
  • Equipment You Need
  • Shooting Your SIV
  • Pricing Your Videos
  • Product Fulfillment
  • Distributing and Dealing With Piracy Issues
  • Expanding Your Product Line/Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Without a Website
  • Choosing a Domain Name
  • Hosting Your Website
  • Making Your Own Website
  • Marketing Plans and Funnels
  • Launching Your Product
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Brief Overview of Email and Copywriting
  • … and much more.

The Special Interest Video Organization is a membership site offering resources to help you stay on top of developments and new products in the video publishing industry.

We look forward to serving you in these various ways.

Rick Smith & Kim Miller