Part I – Video Publishing Business

Here is what you’ll get in Part I – Video Publishing Business:

Chapter 1. The World of Video Publishing


  • Gain an understanding of what special interest videos (SIVs) are.
  • Learn who produces SIVs (and they aren’t necessarily who you think!).
  • Come away with better idea of who buys SIVs.

But most exciting…you’ll really SEE your financial POTENTIAL of producing SIVs.

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Chapter 2. Types of Special Interest Videos


  • Gain an understanding of the various types of SIVs that you can produce.
  • Learn how to choose which type you’d like to pursue first.

Chapter 3. Choosing A Successful Topic

You’ll discover where we recommend you first start in choosing a topic for your SIV.

You’ll learn the places and ways you can look and find ideas for a topic.

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Chapter 4. Researching Your Topic

You’ll learn how to research to find existing, competing products.

You’ll define your video’s purpose.

You’ll identify your ideal customer.

You’ll narrow down your niche.

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Chapter 5. Finding A Partner

You’ll learn what type of partnership arrangements you can make.

You’ll gain an understanding into what each partner’s role should be and what to look for in a partner.

You’ll learn how we recommend working with that person and the type of monetary arrangement we feel works best.

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Chapter 6. Budgeting

You’ll learn how to plan your production budget.

You’ll understand when you should make a “Go/No-Go” decision based on the projected cost and a realistic projection of sales.

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Chapter 7. Help With Funding Your Project

You’ll learn how to pitch your project to investors.

You’ll discover the new world of crowdfunding.

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