Part IV – Getting It Ready For Sale

Here is what you’ll get in Part IV – Getting It Ready For Sale:

Chapter 20. Pricing Your Video

You’ll learn what goes into determining a price for your video.

You’ll be a able to calculate the breakeven point for your video.

You’ll learn how perception influences your sale price.

You’l understand the advantages and disadvantages of selling wholesale.

You’ll discover how to raise your price with Public Performance Rights.

You’ll learn how to test your prices.

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Chapter 21. Fulfillment

You’ll know the pros and cons of doing your own fulfillment.

You’ll be able to choose the best shipping method for you.

You’ll gain an understanding of what fulfillment services can do for you.

You’ll understand what Video-On-Demand (VOD) is and how you can use it.

Chapter 21 Resources

Chapter 22. Distributing Your SIV Through Others

You’ll learn about some of the distribution options you have for DVDs and online delivery.

You’ll understand the pros and cons involved in selling your DVDs through distributors and to large retailing chains.You’ll find out how you can find specialty niche distributors, retailers, and catalogs.

Chapter 22 Resources

Chapter 23. Dealing With Piracy

You’ll learn how you can protect yourself from piracy.

You’ll discover what is included in a copyright notice and how to craft one.

You’ll find out what you can do if you find someone who is infringing on your intellectual property rights.

You’ll learn who holds the copyright on your video.

Chapter 23 Resources

Chapter 24. Expanding Your Product Line Fast

You’ll get an understanding of why you want to have more products available.

You’ll learn what affiliate programs are and how to find them.

You’ll discover ways to expand existing videos into new formats.

Chapter 24 Resources

Chapter 25. Selling Online Without A Website

You’ll discover ways you can sell over the internet without setting up a website.

Chapter 25. Resources

Chapter 26 Choosing A Domain Name

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of why you’d want Universal Resource Locaters (URLs) for your name, company, and product name.

You’ll discover how search engine optimization relates to your domain name.

You’ll come away with an understanding of why keyword-rich URLs are so effective.

You’ll learn how to easily find options for your URL.

You’ll choose a URL suffix the works best for you.

Chapter 26 Resources

Chapter 27. Your Own Hosting Account

You’ll learn what web hosting is.

You’ll gain an understanding of what to look for in a web host.

You’ll learn how to connect your domain name to it.

Chapter 27 Resources

Chapter 28. Building A Website

You’ll leave understanding your options between building an HTML site and a WordPress site.

You’ll know what makes a website attractive.

You’ll learn how to build trust with your website visitors.

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Chapter 29. Membership Programs

You’ll come away with understanding what membership sites are and how you can use them.

You’ll learn about evergreen and drip sites.

You’ll learn common ways to encourage people to subscribe.

You’l become aware of things to look for in membership site software.

Chapter 29 Resources

Chapter 30. Copywriting

You’ll learn about AIDA and how to implement it.

You’ll discover what a call to action is and why you must have one.

You’ll learn how to find and communicate your Unique Selling Position.

You’ll understand how to break copy into useful blocks.

You’ll learn about power words in selling.

You’ll learn how to build trust with your potential customer.

You’ll discover ways to create a sense of urgency and an offer too attractive to refuse.

Chapter 30 Resources

Chapter 31. Shopping Carts and Payment Solutions

You’ll learn what shopping cart software is.

You’ll also get a good idea of what you should look for in shopping carts.

You’ll also learn about several payment solution options you can choose from.

Chapter 31 Resources