Part V – Marketing

Here is what you’ll get in Part V – Marketing:

Chapter 32. Introduction To Marketing

You’ll understand what marketing is and how it guides the product development process.

You’ll understand why you need to be thinking about marketing throughout the video production process.

You’ll learn about the types of marketing activities you can use.

You’ll discover the key marketing variables you will be deciding on in your marketing mix.

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Chapter 33. Marketing Plans & Sales Funnels

You’ll learn what the sales funnel process is, what is included, and how to use this concept to sell your videos.

You’ll find out the steps to the successful framework we employ.

You’ll learn what permission marketing is and the use of an opt-in form.

You’ll become familiar with an autoresponder sequence and how to set one up.

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Chapter 34: Direct Response Marketing

You’ll learn how direct response marketing differs from image advertising.

You’ll also learn some of the common forms of direct response marketing.

You’ll come away with a good understanding of the two common metrics of direct marketing and the importance of testing.

You’ll learn some ways you can use direct marketing in your business.

You’ll understand the importance of the compelling offer.

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Chapter 35. Email Marketing

You’ll become familiar with the CAN-SPAM regulations that cover emailing so that you will be in compliance in your email campaigns.

You’ll learn why you need to sign up with an email service provider and what it can do for you.

You’ll learn the best (and most ethical and compliant) way build and communicate with your email list.

You’ll examine the different types of emails you can send: promotional, transactional, informational, etc. to determine what will work for you and when.

You’ll learn the difference between autoresponder emails, broadcast emails and email newsletters, and when you want to use each type.

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Chapter 36. Video Marketing

You’ll learn the types of videos you can use to help market your videos.

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding as to why using web videos is such a powerful and effective marketing strategy.

You’ll get to know the advantages of self-hosted video sites over free sites, when you would choose one over the other and how to use each one.

You’ll learn the key elements you need to include in these types of videos.

We finish up sharing a few tips for using web video to drive traffic to your special interest videos and website.

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Chapter 37. Social Media Marketing

You’ll learn what social media marketing is, how it works, and why you should use it.  You’ll also get to know a few of the top social media sites we use and recommend, and how they differ.

Because these sites can eat up a lot of your time, you’ll learn how to use them effectively in your marketing activities so that you are profiting from your social media efforts.

You’ll also discover what is available to help you manage and automate many of your social media marketing functions.

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Chapter 38. Other Forms of Marketing

You’ll come away with an arsenal of additional marketing opportunities – many that are inexpensive and free.

As we explore what these are, you’ll be better equipped to determine the best marketing channels for your business.

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Chapter 39. It’s a Wrap!

We end the book summarizing the 20 step process you’ll follow to produce a successful SIV.

If you don’t have the book already and you want to see what those steps are, head on over to the Special Interest Video Organization. We’ve put those 20 steps into our Shoot It Once, Sell It For YearsSM Blueprint available as a free download.

As the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” We hope we’ve inspired you to take that first step.

To Your Ultimate Success,

Rick Smith and Kim Miller