Part II – Pre-Production

Here is what you’ll get in Part II – Pre-Production

Chapter 8. Pre-Production

You’ll learn how to refine your project idea.

You’ll create an overall project schedule.

Chapter 8 Resources

Chapter 9. Outlining Your Project

You’ll learn how to organize your video’s content.

You’ll come away with a solid understanding of how to outline your project.

Chapter 9 Resources

Chapter 10. Scripts, Storyboards and Shot Lists

You’ll learn how to format a simple audio/video script.

You’ll find out what’s involved in developing a shot list.

You’ll learn what’s involved in developing a storyboard.

You’ll understand what continuity is and why it’s important.

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Chapter 11. Coordinating the Shoot

You’ll learn about the common types of “talent” you will want to use—on-camera or voice-over narrator or both.

You’ll discover the pros and cons of using professional versus amateur talent.

You’ll learn the roles of the production crew and what skills and experience to look for.

You’ll learn how to organize the shooting schedule.

You’ll learn what goes into scouting a location.

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Chapter 12. Releases and Permits

You’ll learn about the different permits and releases you need.

You’ll gain an understanding as to why you need to have signed releases and permits.

Chapter 12 Resources Releases and Permits