Part III – Production and Post-Production

Here is what you’ll get in Part III – Production and Post-Production

Chapter 13. Equipment

You’ll learn the most important tool for making a great video.

You’ll learn what you need in a video camera.

You’ll get familiar with concepts such as depth of field, white balance, image stabilization, etc.

You’ll learn what audio features you should have in a camera.

You’ll gain an understanding of the need for a good tripod.

You’ll familiarize yourself with your options in lighting equipment.

You’ll discover some editing software available to you and what is required for your computer.

Chapter 13 Resources Equipment

Chapter 14. Basic Camera Shots, Lighting and Audio

You’ll gain an understanding of the basic shot types and when to use them.

You’ll learn to frame and apply the “rule of thirds” to compose shots.

You’ll come away knowing the basic types of lighting angles you’ll use.

You’ll learn some microphone techniques and the importance of using headphones.

You’ll learn about basic camera movements.

Chapter 15. Shooting Your Special Interest Video

You’ll get familiar with items you’ll want to bring on your shoot.

You’ll also get an extensive list of 50 items I always have on hand…

You’ll learn what to do on the day of the shoot.

You’ll get my 23 important steps you need to take BEFORE you start shooting.

You’ll understand what you can do to make the editing job easier.

You’ll learn why you should slate your shots.

You’ll know why and how to use teleprompters.

You’ll know what chromakey is and how to shoot for it.

Chapter 15 Resources

Chapter 16./a> Shooting An Interview

You’ll learn how to make your interviewee more comfortable.

You’ll become aware of audio challenges and how to deal with them.

You’ll learn how to deal with your background challenges and why using a backdrop works well in some situations.

You’ll gain an understanding of the best way to phrase interview questions.

Chapter 16 Resources/a> Post-Production

Chapter 17. Shooting A Stage Presentation

You’ll discover how easy it is to turn a presentation into a video for sale.

You’ll learn why you want to consider investing in a videographer.

You’ll come away with an understanding of what you need if you aren’t going to be using a professional videographer.

You’ll learn how to deal with lighting and audio challenges unique to live presentations.

You’ll discover why you may want to look into live-streaming your event.

Chapter 17 Resources

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