15. Shooting Your Special Interest Video

What you will get from this chapter:

You’ll get familiar with items you’ll want to bring on your shoot.

You’ll also get an extensive list of 50 items I always have on hand…

You’ll learn what to do on the day of the shoot.

You’ll get my 23 important steps you need to take BEFORE you start shooting.

You’ll understand what you can do to make the editing job easier.

You’ll learn why you should slate your shots.

You’ll know why and how to use teleprompters.

You’ll know what chromakey is and how to shoot for it.

Resources and Tools We Refer to in Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos


Film Tools

Headphones – My top choice in headphones is the Sony MDR-7506.


Cavision Professional Production Slate with Grey Scale

Magnetized Clapper Sticks & Acrylic Writing Surface

Hollywood Slateboard Film Production Clapper – Lower price range

MovieSlate® 7 (Clapperboard & Shot Log) – PureBlend Software

Video production books on Amazon and on Focal Press.com

(More resources coming soon)