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Shoot To SELL is your guide to video publishing success.

ShootToSell3DThis book is perfect for videographers, filmmakers, authors, coaches, speakers and experts who want to take their special skill or knowledge, turn it into a video, and sell it.

You get 324 pages packed with useful, practical information to get your video publishing business started now.

Only $29.95  Order now and we’ll include a free CD filled with all the templates we share in the book!

Shoot To Sell is for anyone interested in producing and selling their own videos. Whether you’re an experienced videographer or filmmaker or simply someone with a desire to produce a video to sell, you’ve come to the right place because this book is filled with a vast treasure trove of advice and resources.

    • Get acquainted with the booming Special Interest Videos industry and how you can profit from it.
    • Step-by-step instructions on researching your title and your market will help to ensure your success.
    • Decide which video style is best suited for your project.
    • Find out what equipment you need and how to avoid spending too much.
    • Get great production tips so you can make a first-class video on a smaller budget.
    • Find out how to use low-cost and no-cost marketing to maximize your profits. 

We share with you the things we’ve learned from over 40 combined years of experience in this business so that you can skip the mistakes we’ve made and move quickly into the profit zone. You’ll be inspired by case studies of people who are successfully selling SIVs in very different areas. For some of them it’s a full-time business; for others it is an important additional source of income. That’s a message we want you to get: you can start out producing one video, learn the ropes, and decide if this is for you. Later you may decide to make it a career or just keep it as a supplement to something else you are doing.

You’ll get chapters covering the basics of equipment and production techniques to give you a good start but this isn’t just another book about video production. It goes far beyond that. We’re going to focus on a vital part of the Special Interest Video business that’s rarely discussed – researching your topic and your market, identifying your ideal customer and learning the ropes of marketing so you get maximum profits from your efforts.

You won’t find a better guide for starting your own video publishing business!

324 information packed pages cover all of the following topics:

Section 1: Video Publishing Business

Chapter 1: The World of Video Publishing

Chapter 2: Types of Special Interest Videos

Chapter 3: Choosing A Successful Topic

Chapter 4: Researching Your Topic

Chapter 5: Finding A Partner

Chapter 6: Budgeting

Chapter 7: Funding Your Project


Section 2: Pre-Production

Chapter 8: Pre-Production

Chapter 9: Outlining Your Project

Chapter 10: Scripts, Storyboards & Shotlists

Chapter 11: Coordinating The Shoot

Chapter 12: Releases & Permits


Section 3: Production & Post-Production

Chapter 13: Equipment

Chapter 14: Basic Camera Shots, Lighting & Audio

Chapter 15: Shooting Your SIV

Chapter 16: Shooting An Interview

Chapter 17: Shooting A Stage Presentation

Chapter 18: Producing Without Without A Camera

Chapter 19: Post-Production


Section 4: Getting It Ready For Sale

Chapter 20: Pricing Your Video

Chapter 21: Fulfillment

Chapter 22: Distributing Your SIV Through Others

Chapter 23: Protecting Yourself From Piracy

Chapter 24: Expanding Your Product Line Fast

Chapter 25: Selling Online Without A Website

Chapter 26: Choosing A Domain Name

Chapter 27:  Your Own Hosting Account

Chapter 28: Building Your Own Website

Chapter 29: Membership Programs

Chapter 30: Copywriting

Chapter 31: Shopping Carts And Payment Solutions


Section 5: Marketing

Chapter 32: Introduction To Marketing

Chapter 33: Market Plans And Sales Funnels

Chapter 34: Direct Response Marketing

Chapter 35: Email Marketing Basics

Chapter 36: Video Marketing Basics

Chapter 37: Social Media Marketing

Chapter 38: Other Forms of Marketing

Chapter 39: It’s A Wrap

PLUS 12 appendices and an extensive glossary of terms.

You get 324 Pages of useful, practical information.

Only $29.95

Order now and we’ll include a free CD filled with all the templates we share in the book!


One of our concerns while writing this book is that the pace of change is so rapid that the specific equipment, software or websites we mention today may not exist in a few years. In fact, we can count on rapid change and evolution of this technology so we built this companion website where we’ll keep you current on the latest trends, make specific recommendations, offer equipment reviews and do everything we can to provide the continuing information you need to succeed.  We welcome your comments and questions below.

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