Get paid to promote your book or video? Here’s how…

Get-Paid-To-PromoteAs a fairly new author, I’ve been exploring a myriad of ways to promote my book Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos. As I’m doing this, I have found some interesting promotional outlets and many of them would work well for promoting videos too! Here is an article by Sandra Beckwith of on an opportunity I hadn’t heard of before and one that I know you’ll find helpful. Read on…

Get Paid to Promote your Book (or Video)

Most authors spend money to promote their books, but some get paid to do it. They’re media spokespersons, hired by companies and organizations to add credibility to a consumer product or service being promoted through a publicity campaign. They are topic experts who have the credentials to back their expertise. And they are paid $2,000 to $3,000 per day to help a company meet its communications objectives by sharing key message points through media interviews, while receiving impressive free media exposure for their books.

The role of a media spokesperson: A media spokesperson has a contract with an organization to fulfill specific obligations, which can range from participating in a satellite media tour to appearing on national or local television talk shows, or doing print or electronic interviews by phone. All of this happens within a designated time frame and for a predetermined fee.

For example, the Soap & Detergent Association (SDA) and its public relations agency recently developed a survey that would generate newsworthy results. The topic was housework: Who’s doing it in American homes, men or women? Not surprisingly, the survey revealed that even women who work outside the home are still doing far more than half the housework, and it’s causing tension among couples.

The SDA could have quoted a staff member in a press release announcing the findings to the media, but this individual would not be qualified to explain the survey results. So the SDA looked elsewhere for a spokesperson to do newsworthy interviews…and found me. As the author of Why Can’t a Man Be More Like a Woman?, a humorous look at what makes men different from women, I write and speak about the lighter side of gender differences. I have the credentials to explain the survey results, offer tips on how women can get more help around the house and suggest to men simple, easy steps they can take to help more without first getting a domestic engineering degree.

Through it’s public relations firm, the SDA contracted with me for three months for a range of media-related services, including traveling to New York City and other locations for in-person

In addition, I received valuable on-camera practice from a professional media trainer who helped me link my anecdotes and experiences to the client’s key message points. My goal, after all, was not to just talk about the survey findings. It was to share specific SDA messages with the public.

How to find spokesperson assignments: Usually, they find you when a publicist searches bookstores for relevant titles or the Internet for your topic. Some companies rely on organizations such as Spokespersons Plus, which specializes in finding qualified experts. Spokespersons Plus works much like an executive recruiter. The client calls the firm and describes the type of individual it needs; owner Deborah Durham searches her database to identify pre-qualified potential matches. If the right person isn’t in her system, she looks elsewhere for the perfect match.

Typically, the spokesperson candidate supplies the client company with materials that verify topic knowledge (your book) and media experience. A videotape with television interviews – even from local talk or news programs – helps the client assess not only your level of interview experience, but your personality, as well. You can be taught how to improve your interview skills, but your inherent demeanor – relaxed, uptight or professorial – can’t (and shouldn’t) be changed for an assignment.

You can also contact companies marketing consumer products or services with a logical connection to your topic and offer your services as a spokesperson. But have a publicity campaign idea in mind before making the call so it’s clear why they might benefit from working with you. Contact Spokespersons Plus, too, but only if you can outline several possible consumer product connections with your topic in a brief note to

How a spokesperson is paid: Spokesperson fees vary and are calculated in different ways. Some contracts are based on a day rate while others have fee amounts assigned to specific tasks. Travel days usually earn half the individual’s day rate; travel expenses are reimbursed. Media spokesperson work requires many skills – including an ability to hold your own with hyperactive morning drive time radio personalities – so it’s not for everyone. But if you believe you’re destined to banter with Matt on “The Today Show” and haven’t snagged that interview on your own, consider seeking a spokesperson assignment and letting the pros secure it for you. Then all you’ll have to worry about is what to wear!

Sandra Beckwith offers a free book publicity and promotion e-zine at and teaches the “Book Publicity 101: How to Build Book Buzz” e-course.

Get Your Press Release Published – Here’s What You Need In a Photo

A press release is vital to getting PR and key to getting that exposure to work for you is giving the media access to great photos.

While using video in your marketing is a key way to get a lot of exposure, photography is still very important…especially for branding and public relations. I feel that there is so much emphasis on the need for video on websites that people overlook the power of good still images. Add a well written caption and a photo tells a story in a flat second.

I’m not saying video isn’t important, it is, but always be on the lookout for good still photos to support your messages and add to your press releases.

With the advent of the internet, you can now send out press releases digitally. However while you can now send out videos with your electronic press kits, newspapers and magazines can only print photographs so make sure you include good quality images with them as well.

They should be the best you can do, remember this is how the world and your customers will see you and your company so you’ll want to them to show your business in a good light.

Make sure they are well exposed and well lit. Also make it easy for the editor by giving them a nice range of different photos to choose from but only include your best. Be sure to write a descriptive caption, naming all the people in the photo if possible, and give the photographer credit. Editors will want these details and it will give your photos a better chance of being used.

The photographs for your press kit that will be printed need to be a higher resolution than the ones you use for the web. Typically you should save them at 300 DPI in CMYK mode in a .jpg, .eps or .pdf format.

In Chapter 38 of Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos, we cover other forms of marketing and dig deeper into what you need in your press kit. You can find information on Chapter 38 here and access some great resources you can start using today.