Want to Sell Your Videos? You Must Learn How To Do This…

Selling your special interest videos – sell the “sizzle” and not just the “steak.”

Selling your special interest videos – you have to sell the “sizzle” to sell the “steak.”

Over the last several posts, we’ve been sharing our model to make money with your videos. In the last post we answered this question, “How has the business of producing and selling your own videos changed due to the internet?” In this one, we’re going to start to address the one thing you must learn how to do to successfully sell your videos…marketing!

Keep This Key Marketing Concept In Mind

You have to learn to sell the “sizzle” to sell the “steak”. Just what do I mean by that?

If you are going to set up an eCommerce site, you will need to drive customers to your site. I’ve learned the hard way that just because you put a website out there, it doesn’t mean droves of people will find it and come running with money in hand to buy your stuff. As in any business (service or product basis, online or brick and mortar), you have to market, advertise and promote your website and your product line too.

Marketing to a potential customer is not that different from marketing to a client or another business. You can use all avenues, such as advertising, networking, PR, etc., but to make it the most effective you have to keep this key marketing concept in mind – you need to step into the customer’s shoes and ask, “Is this something I want? Why would I buy it?” You need to sell the benefit of watching your video and answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” That’s what gets people excited about buying your video.

For example, assume your video is on an innovative technique you discovered on losing weight and you’ve gone so far as outlining your target market and found that there was a good market out there of people looking for the answer to losing weight. That’s a great start!

However, before you start marketing, think about this; these people are not really buying “losing weight”. What they want is the BENEFITS losing weight gives them – i.e., they look good, they feel good, their health improves, etc. So, keeping that in mind, when you determine the benefit for your viewer, you can work in both the problem and the solution your video provides in your marketing copy.

For instance your copy can read:

Frustrated because the scale has been stuck at the same number for MONTHS no matter WHAT you do? In this DVD, you’ll learn the SECRET for smashing through that plateau and getting back on the weight loss track.

See how this is much more powerful and enticing than the following copy that focuses strictly on the features of what is included in the video:

In this hour long exercise video, you will be shown exercises and given weight loss tips.

Pretty boring and not really convincing is it?

If you want to produce and sell videos, today’s marketing and delivery trends definitely make it easier for you than in the past. Video has exploded on the market and I feel that the reason it holds such a dominant place in our society is because it is a powerful way to learn and experience the world.

In fact, I’ve read that one third of the population are visual learners. Given that and the fact that engaging all senses in the education process greatly enhances learning, may explain why many people would rather watch a video than read a book. That you can now reach your audience more quickly, economically and profitably presents fabulous opportunities for you to get started in the non-fiction video publishing business today.

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