Writing A Press Release That Won’t Turn Off The Media

Press releases aren’t just good for promoting big events in your business, they can be successfully used to promote your videos and products too! And when you get picked up in a publication, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the power of the press to bump up your sales. But when writing a press release, you have to do it smart.

Journalists are busy people too and always on the lookout for fresh ideas of stories their readers will enjoy. They love great story pitches.

What they aren’t interested in is hypey advertising copy!

Whatever you do, don’t write a press release like an advertisement. This is a HUGE turn off to newspapers and will backfire. Remember, they are a business too and want to make money from advertising, not give it away for free.

They, like you, want to deliver what their customers want…a good story and information that they’ll benefit from. If you do most of the work for them by writing your press release in a journalistic, third-person perspective, and give them the important information (who, what, when, where, why) and what benefit their customers will receive, they are more likely to run your story.

Here is a sample of a press release we ran when we launched our video, Keep Your Car Looking New For Pennies A Day, in 2006. We were picked up in some big national newspapers as a result.

For immediate release

For Further Information Contact: Rick Smith
Panorama Studios
P.O. Box 343
Cambria, CA 93428
Phone: 888-744-9381
email: rick@garykoubacarcare.com

DVD Teaches Anyone To Professionally Detail Their Own Car

Gary Kouba of Perfect Auto Finish, outside Chicago, has just released a DVD in which he demonstrates the auto detailing techniques he uses and which have given him legendary status among car enthusiasts. Kouba’s new DVD is appropriately titled, “Keep Your Car Looking New For Pennies A Day.”

Kouba has conducted over 200 car care clinics for car clubs, schools, libraries, community groups and other organizations in the Chicago area. He generously shares his experience through local newspapers and professional trade journals. He moderates multiple internet car care forums and is widely known as the “go to” guy for car detailing questions. He has detailed cars for Oprah Winfrey and Paul McCartney, as well as exotic car collectors and ordinary folks who love their cars and want them to look their best.

“It isn’t that complicated,” Kouba says. “By following some basic steps and using the right products correctly, anyone can detail a car like a professional, save hundreds of dollars, and have fun doing it.” Kouba adds, “It really doesn’t take that much time either.”

Many people learned to take care of their car’s finish by washing it on the weekend, drying it with a fluffy terry bath towel or chamois, and perhaps laboriously applying a coat of wax.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t the best practice with today’s dual-stage paint systems,” Kouba explains. In fact, that terry towel may be contributing to swirl marks and micro-scratches in the paint, and the wax will only last a month at best. And if you don’t remove the contaminants and micro-particles on the paint before washing it, you just may be grinding them into the clear coat, actually damaging the paint. In the old days, owners would apply rubbing compound, a practice that Kouba warns the novice to relegate to the history books. “Forget about drive-thru car washes where whirling materials scrape your car with everything left over from the previous few hundred cars,” he warns. And that wax job only lasts 30 days at best. Kouba explains how to get better protection that lasts up to 6 times longer.

In Kouba’s new DVD he demonstrates the proper steps to obtaining a beautiful, deep finish. He begins by using a clay bar before washing. This critical step is new to many people but is recommended to safely remove tiny particles from the paint before washing so that they do not scratch the paint during the wash process. This step is essential to obtaining a mirror-like finish, Kouba says. The DVD takes the viewer through claying, washing, polishing and sealing the paint. He then demonstrates his techniques for cleaning and protecting the interior including door panels, dash, gauges, carpet and seats.

Kouba also shares valuable advice about avoiding excessive services that dealers try to sell to new car buyers, such as “special’ paint sealants which can cost up to $1,100, but which knowledgeable owners can easily apply themselves for less than $5.00.

Many people are confused and overwhelmed by the variety of car washes, waxes, sealants, quick detail sprays, towels, washing mitts, applicators, buffers, protectants and assorted products available today. Kouba cuts through the confusion and explains which products to buy and how to use them correctly. “By following my simple steps you can have a car that always looks new,” says Kouba, re-affirming that “you’ll save a lot of money and be proud to say that you did it yourself.”

“Keep Your Car Looking New For Pennies A Day,” is $24.95. To learn more and to order, please visit LearntoDetail.com.


This press release format is typical. So how do you get started writing a good press release? We cover that in chapter 38 in our book Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos. Check out what we talk about in chapter 38 and you can get another template idea along with some good resources.


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